Marketing and Tactical Planning

  • Full investigation into potential of the product/s in each country using MC’s trusted local resources, meeting with local KOL’s for tender & private business.
  • Assess competitors, market dynamics, healthcare statistics, customer base & business environment using market intelligence and syndicated data from leading data providers.
  • Develop full scale business plans with timelines for regulatory, human resources, product forecasts, supply chain, customer segmentation and marketing.

Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance

  • Dedicated and experienced staff with excellent knowledge of the regulatory requirements, strong connections with key officials to accelerate the registration process.
  • Full support  on PV and safety related issues.
  • Established SOPs to handle the notification & reporting for safety & Quality issues, AE & SAEs

Logistics and Warehousing

  • Well equipped warehouse as per GDP/GSP guidelines supported by vehicles capable of delivering normal & temperature sensitive products.
  • Trained staff maintaining the Quality and safety SOPs, capable of swiftly clearing the goods from customs
  • Excellent track of delivering the goods on time
  • Minimized expiry problems due to efficient stock rotation and efficient forecasting

Business Development

  • Exclusive Sales Teams
  • Sharing investment, risk & reward with the partners
  • Utilize maximum talent of Orphan Pharma executive management, local KAM’s and dedicated support of logistics to maximize sales effectiveness
  • Regular  data support to monitor product performance, competitor activities and customer feedback
  • Active participation in all tenders in associated markets